Hand and Heart


Students accepting diversity and working together

Residency and Assemblies for schools


  1. We present dynamic workshops
  2. Students will be drumming proficiently within minutes
  3. Hands on, interactive teaching methods
  4. Promotes diversity and social harmony
  5. Includes full size drums and percussion for 40 students/class
  6. Involves all students from k-12
  7. We work closely with music teachers or counselors to share goals.

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Black Historical Assembly

Students take a journey into African culture and learn the importance of rhythm and drumming in their culture. It is that influence that gave birth to our modern music as it survived slavery. This assembly promotes diversity awareness and unity among the students.

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Anti-bully Assembly

Through group drumming, students learn to attain personal power through rhythm and drumming, which leads to the ability to combat bullying.

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